2023年6月11日 日本時間22時〜予約販売を開始します。
June 11, 2023, 10:00 p.m. Japan time – Pre-order start (tentative)



Following the MILITARIA 1911 Precision Reproduced Gold Tiger, which we started selling in May 2022, we are releasing our second new Precision Reproduced product. It is the MILITARIA 1911 Precision Reproduced Silver Tiger Stripe. All products are MADE IN OKINAWA JAPAN. We have analyzed the original fabric as much as possible and reproduced the potential of the original as much as possible with modern technology, from the selvedge ear to the faded color. Silver Tiger is the same as the pattern known as Tadpole and TDS by collectors, and is the famous tiger stripe worn by the CIDG, LRRP, and other Special Forces units and soldiers who were active in the Vietnam War from the beginning. It is a popular pattern along with the Gold Tiger. Again, as the name suggests, the entire white stripe fades to a silver color when washed and exposed to the sun.

2022年5月に販売を開始した、MILITARIA 1911精密復刻ゴールドタイガーに引き続き当店から新作第二弾の精密復刻品をリリースします。 それがMILITARIA 1911 精密復刻シルバータイガーストライプです。全ての商品はMADE IN OKINAWA JAPANにてご用意いたしました。今回も実物生地を可能な限り全て分析しセルビッチの耳〜退色に至るまでオリジナルが持つポテンシャルを現代技術で可能な限り再現いたしました。シルバータイガーは、コレクターからタッドポール、TDSなどと呼ばれているパターンと同一でCIDGやLRRPといったベトナム戦争初期から活躍した部隊、兵士が着用していたことで有名なタイガーストライプです。ゴールドタイガーと並ぶ人気のあるパターンです。今回もまた、洗濯と太陽の光によりネーミングが示すように白く全体が退色し銀色のようになる実物のように徐々に退色していく過程も含めてお楽しみいただけるようご用意いたしました。

Products Lineup

US CUT SHIRTS Price: $200
US CUT TROUSERS  Price: $200
BOONIE HAT  Price: $90
This time, a limited version with original buttons from the 1960s used on the Silver Tiger will be available. This is a limited quantity production.
USカットシャツ リミテッド 価格:¥44,000(税込)
USカットパンツ リミテッド 価格:¥44,000(税込)
USカットシャツ 価格:¥29,700(税込)
USカットパンツ 価格:¥29,700(税込)
ブーニーハット 価格:¥11,000(税込)
*Expected release prices are subject to change without notice.
*The product shown is a prototype. The specifications are different from the actual product to be sold.


Last year, Gold Tiger Stripe offered one value: everything from fabric to sewing is done in Japan. The reason for this is that most of the original Tiger Stripes were manufactured in Japan in the early to late 1960s. However, if we unravel the history of the camouflage fabrics precisely, it is estimated that from around 1964 to 1965, the camouflage fabrics were manufactured in mainland Japan, and the sewing was done in Okinawa, and there was a history of change. The Silver Tiger released this time is, of course, MADE IN JAPAN, but we are very particular that the fabric is made in mainland Japan and sewn in Okinawa, just as it was back then. That is why it is a MADE IN OKINAWA JAPAN product. As with last year's product, the history of the actual product being manufactured in Japan was incorporated as one of the reproductions, and furthermore, we were  concerned about manufacturing in a way that was as close as possible to thattime with the quality of "MADE IN JAPAN" and "MADE INOKINAWA" that has continued to evolve since that time. lease wear and feel the history through the Tiger Stripe of MADE IN OKINAWA JAPAN includingthe history of the struggle of the people of CISO (Counterinsurgency SupportOffice) who produced the Tiger Stripe at that time and the historicalbackground that the Japanese in Okinawa and the mainland Japan manufactured.
昨年のゴールドタイガーストライプは、生地〜縫製に至るまで全てを日本で行うことを一つの価値として提供いたしました。その理由は実物タイガーストライプの多くは、1960年代前半〜後半にかけて日本で製造されていたことに由来します。しかしながら精密にその歴史を紐解くと推定1964年〜1965年ごろより迷彩生地は日本本土で製造し、縫製は沖縄でと変化していった歴史がありました。今回リリースするシルバータイガーはMADE IN JAPANはもちろんのこと、当時と同じように生地は本土、縫製は沖縄ですることに当店は強いこだわりを持ちました。だからこそのMADE IN OKINAWA JAPANの製品なのです。昨年の製品同様に実物が日本で製造されたという歴史も再現の一つとして取り入れ、さらには当時から進化し続けている「MADE IN JAPAN」、更には「MADE IN OKINAWA」の品質で当時に可能な限り近い方法で製造することに当店は拘りました。当時タイガーストライプを製作した、CISO(Counterinsurgency Support Office)の人々が奮闘した歴史や日本本土と沖縄の日本人が製造した歴史的背景も含めてMADE IN OKINAWA JAPANのタイガーストライプを通して是非着用して歴史を感じてください。

Camouflage pattern accurately sampled


Once again, we obtained the original top and bottom of a valuable US cut. We thoroughly researched the sewing method and the position of the pattern. Although there are many Silver Tiger Asian cut sets, it was extremely difficult to obtain real US cut sets, so we sampled the US cut and Asian cut fabrics, measured the sizes, and reproduced them precisely. Only the US cut will be released this time.


About the size of product


The US cut of the original Silver Tiger does not match the size of the shirt and the size of the trousers, so we have redefined the size notation with our own original one while maintaining the scale and size feeling of the real thing. Shirts have large shoulder widths but short sleeve lengths, so we do not recommend that you decide your size based on shoulder widths. The trousers are cut differently from the Gold Tiger, as both the waist and hips are generously sized. Compared to last year's Gold Tiger fabric, the number of beats is higher, resulting in a shrinkage rate of -2% lengthwise and -0.8% widthwise after washing.

実物シルバータイガーのUSカットは、シャツの大きさとトラウザーズの大きさがマッチしないため実物のもつスケール感、サイズ感はそのままにサイズ表記は当店独自のもので再定義いたしました。シャツは肩幅が大きいものの、袖丈が短いため肩幅でサイズを決めるのはお勧めいたしません。トラウザーズは、ウエストとヒップ共に余裕のあるサイジングになっていますのでゴールドタイガーとは違ったカットになっています。昨年のゴールドタイガー生地に比べて打ち込みの本数が多いため、洗濯後の縮率は縦 -2%、横 -0.8%となっています。

Characteristic selvage Ears


As with the Gold Tiger, we used 1970s looms to reproduce the selvedge weave, including the reproduction of the selvedge ears, as close to the actual fabric as possible. In order to reproduce the potential of the actual fabrics manufactured in the 1960s, we could not reproduce them with ready-made fabrics, so we had to custom-order all the fabrics from scratch. The fabric we custom-ordered just for our Silver Tiger is just as soft and thick as the real thing. Compared to last year's Gold Tiger fabric, the number of beats is higher, resulting in a shrinkage rate of -2% lengthwise and -0.8% widthwise after washing.

今回もゴールドタイガーと同様に、1970年代の織機を用い実物のもつセルビッチ織りの耳の再現も含めて可能な限り実物に近づく方法にて再現をいたしました。1960年代に製造された実物の生地の持つポテンシャルを再現するには、今回もやはり既製品では再現しきれず1から全て特注にて生地を仕上げました。当店のシルバータイガーのためだけに特注した生地は、実物同様に柔らかく厚手の生地に仕上がっています。昨年のゴールドタイガー生地に比べて打ち込みの本数が多いため、洗濯後の縮率は縦 -2%、横 -0.8%となっています。

Dyeing and Fading


Although Japanese dyeing technology was advanced in the 1960s, it was limited compared to today's technology due to the materials and equipment used. As a result, fading occurred without exception, even in clothing such as military uniforms, where fading was not originally desired. Tiger stripes are no exception.We believe that the reproduced Tiger Stripe should be faded, and therefore, as with the previous Gold Tiger, the second Silver Tiger Stripe was made to fade to white, as the name implies, through a year-long test of dyeing methods and materials used.Again, the fabric is not dyed in such a way that the color will fade after one or two washes; it will fade gradually after 10, 20, or more washes and by hanging it out to dry in strong sunlight. We reproduce the colors in such a way that they are susceptible to discoloration and fading, especially because they are sensitive to sunlight. This is one of the characteristics that can be seen in the original Tiger Stripe. Please do not wash with chemicals or boiling water, as this dyeing method is very prone to color change. It may unintentionally change color to a completely different color. Please take your time and enjoy the fading over a long period of time.

1960年代当時の日本の染色技術は高かったものの、使用する材料や機材などの理由により現代と比べると技術の限界がございました。そのため、本来は色落ちをしてほしくない軍服のような衣類でも例外なく退色が起こってしまいました。それはタイガーストライプも例外ではありません。 当店ではタイガーストライプの復刻品は退色をしてこそだと考えているため前回のゴールドタイガー同様に第二弾シルバータイガーストライプも名前の由来通り、全体が白く退色するように染色の仕方、使用材料など1年にわたるテストを経て退色する生地を仕上げました。 今回もまた、1回や2回の洗濯で色が抜けてしまうような染め方はしていません。10回、20回、もしくはそれ以上の洗濯と強い太陽光が当たるように干していただくことで徐々に退色をします。特に太陽光に弱いため変色、退色が起こりやすいよう再現しています。それは実物のタイガーストライプでも見られる特徴の一つです。非常に色が変わりやすい染色方法ですので、薬品や熱湯などでの洗濯はやめてください。意図せず全く違う色に変色する場合があります。長い時間をかけて、ゆっくりとお楽しみいただきながら退色を実感くださいませ。

*Due to the characteristics of the materials used, the fabric may turn yellow when exposed to sunlight for days or weeks. They will gradually fade to white as the ground dye is removed by washing, etc. Please understand. Please enjoy the process of gradually fading to white as the dye fades away, since yellow discoloration can also occur with the actual Silver Tiger.


Difference from the Original


We do not want our reproduced Tiger Stripes to be distributed as the original thing in future generations. As with the previous Gold Tiger, we will not be stamping the size stamps this time either, in order to make the difference between the real thing and the reissued version. Our company name will be stamped in an inconspicuous place on the shirt, pants, and boonie hat. Our MADE IN OKINAWA patch will also be sewn on the shirt and pants. The zippers used on the pants will be reproduced with modern YKK zippers, although YKK zippers were also used on the real pants. In addition, black thread is used for stitching in inconspicuous places. Although we have reproduced this item as close to the actual item as possible, we have taken measures to prevent forgery in order to prevent it from being distributed as the actual item in future generations.

当店の復刻タイガーストライプが後世実物として流通してしまうことは当店の望むことではありません。今回も前作ゴールドタイガーと同様に、実物との差を持たせるためサイズスタンプは打ち込みません。シャツ、パンツ、ブーニーハット共に目立たないところに当店の社名のスタンプを捺印します。シャツ、パンツは当店のMADE IN OKINAWAパッチも縫い付けます。パンツに使用するジッパーは、実物もYKKジッパーが使用されていますが現代品のYKKにて再現いたします。それ以外にも、目立たない箇所に黒糸を使用したステッチを入れています。可能な限り実物に近づけるよう再現をしておりますが、後世において実物としての流通を防ぐために贋作対策をさせていただいております。

This time, we have obtained a large number of period buttons that were used on the Silver Tiger,We have prepared a version using the actual buttons as a limited edition. Only the real buttons are used, but other than that, we have taken the same measures against forgery as the regular edition. We have decided not to make all of the buttons the same, out of respect for the originals.

今回はシルバータイガーに使用されていた実物ボタンをまとまった数入手したため、 リミテッドエディションとして実物ボタンを使用したバージョンをご用意しています。そちらもボタンのみ実物を使用していますが、それ以外は通常版と同様の贋作対策を施しています。オリジナルへの敬意を表し全てを同じには製作しないことに今回もいたしました。

CISO Cut Boonie Hat


*Theproduct image is of a different prototype fabric and differs from the actualfinished fabric. The product you will receive is finished in a darker coloredfabric that is also shown separately.
This time we have reproduced the typical CISO cut boonie hat as well as the Gold Tiger boonie, which was very popular last time. The same pattern is used. This is the typical CISO cut boonie hat worn by Special Forces personnel, LRRP and CIDG soldiers at that time.It is very easy to handle and the brim length is 6.5mm, which is not too long. The brim length is 6.5mm, which is not too long, and can be shortened to your liking.

As a respect to the original, the size tag with red letters on a white background, which is a reproduction of the size tag made in Japan at that time, which was popular last year, is attached this time as well.



As a modification of some CISO products, we have installed a shape-memory wire around the outer circumference of the brim again. The wire can be easily removed, so you can customize it according to your personal preference.





All the shirts, pants, and boonie hats that we release have individual differences. There is a slight difference in the color of the fabric used when the dyeing process begins and ends, just like the original. In addition, it is very difficult for camouflage patterns to always be in the same place at the same time, so the product you receive will not be the same as the sample photo. Please be aware of this. The color fading will also vary slightly from product to product. If the product is initially defective, we will replace it with an equivalent product, or refund you if it is out of stock. Also, since it is made of 100% cotton, it will shrink to some extent. In normal household laundry, it will not shrink in a way that makes it difficult to wear. However, if you wash it in hot water, it may shrink more than expected by us, so we do not recommend washing it in any other way than the normal way. If you decide to try washing your gold tiger stripe using methods other than those recommended by us, do so at your own risk.

当店からリリースする、シャツ、パンツ、ブーニーハットはどれも個体差がございます。用いている生地も実物とおなじように染色を開始した時と終えた時とでは色味に若干の差がございます。また迷彩パターンも必ず同じ箇所が同じ場所に来る事は非常に困難なため、お手元に届く商品が見本の写真と同じ仕上がりにはなりません。了承くださいませ。退色具合も固体によって、若干の差が出て参ります。商品の初期不良は同等品との交換、在庫切れの場合は返金にて対応いたします。 また、コットン100%生地を使用しているため多少なりとも縮みます。通常の家庭用の洗濯においては着用が困難になるような縮み方は致しません。しかしながら、高温の熱湯などで洗濯を行った場合当店の想定よりも縮むことがありますので当店では通常の使い方以外の洗濯方法は推奨しておりません。想定以外の方法を行う場合は、自己責任となります。









*Limited editions are also available in similar size variations.



The product shown is a prototype. The specifications are different from the actual product to be sold.

The US cut of the original Silver Tiger does not match the size of the shirt and the size of the trousers, so we have redefined the size notation with our own original one while maintaining the scale and size feeling of the real thing. Shirts have large shoulder widths but short sleeve lengths, so we do not recommend that you decide your size based on shoulder widths. The trousers are cut differently from the Gold Tiger, as both the waist and hips are generously sized.Compared to last year's Gold Tiger fabric, the number of beats is higher, resulting in a shrinkage rate of -2% lengthwise and -0.8% widthwise after washing.



Through this replica production, we are investigating the history of the production and birth of the Tiger Stripe in Japan and Okinawa. We plan to publish a book on the subject after further research. If you have any information on the company that manufactured the item, the U.S. military, the order slip, or the contract tag etc etc, please let us know. There are many mysteries surrounding the tiger stripes, but we want to do what we can to pass on as much information as possible to future generations, in order to help the military and vintage industry grow. If you can help us with information, please contact us at the email address below.

当店では、今回のレプリカ製造を通じてタイガーストライプの日本や沖縄における製造や誕生の歴史について調べています。今後調査を重ねた上で書籍化を予定しています。もしお手元に、製造していた会社や米軍側の資料、発注の伝票、もしくはコントラクトタグなどなど情報がございましたら是非当店までお知らせくださいませ。非常に謎の多いタイガーストライプですが、可能な限りその正確な背景を後世に伝えるべく当店にできることをミリタリー、ビンテージ業界発展のためにも行いたいと思っております。 もし情報提供のご協力をいただける方がいらっしゃいましたら、下記メールアドレスまでご連絡くださいませ。