Replica HK Dragon Made JWD Tiger Stripe Shirt Only Okinawa CISO Tiger Unused

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The popular JWD Pattern Tiger Stripe made by Hong Kong Dragon, we have found a few shirts from the factory and they are now in stock(Limited). This is a typical Okinawa CISO tiger pattern that is very popular among tiger stripes, along with the Gold Tiger. Generally, this pattern is called JWD. It is unused new, but please understand that there are individual differences in the sewing as a characteristic of Chinese replicas, and the attachment of buttons, etc. In addition, because we only have one set in stock, we can not be replaced by an alternative. If you are not satisfied, we will accept returns because it is a new product, but please note that the workmanship of sewing may not be said to be the initial sewing defects if there is no such as missing parts with individual differences. The colors and prints are very well done, and the pattern blends in very well with the jungle, so it is easy to see why this is a popular tiger pattern. If you are looking for one, why not take advantage of this opportunity?
Size (Measurements taken flat)

US-XL: Shoulder width 53cm Body width 65cm Length 81cm Sleeve length 66cm

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