Original USAF US AIR FORCE ERDL Jungle Fatigue Short Sleeve Custom

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This is an introduction of a orignal ERDL Jungle Fatigue with a short sleeve custom made by the U.S. Air Force soldier. The short sleeves are an example of the customization often seen in the Air Force uniforms.
The sleeve rank insignia has been removed, and the marks are still visible. The branch tape is a locally made item with characteristic embroidery. The name tape is similar, and the tapes are made of OD ripstop fabric used for jungle fatigues. Overall, the condition is very impressive green with minimal fading. Since it is from the Air Force and not the Army, we believe it is a gem that has remained in this condition. As you can see in the photos, there are some stains, so please understand that this item is over 50 years old. This item is an original product, but it is not returnable because it will be treated as a released item, used goods. Please understand.


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