Real Silver Tiger Stripe TDS US Cut Pants Big Size Inseam Damaged Faded

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These are real silver tiger stripe pants. They are the same as the Tiger pattern, referred to by collectors as Tadpole Sparse, Tadpole, etc. They are US cut and still bear the size stamp US-M. It has a pocket in the hand that is quite deep and can hold larger items. The overall color is strongly faded, and it is easy to see why it is called silver. The base dye has turned white and the colors of the printed pattern have faded as well, but the black remains strong and the green and brown are more faded in comparison. This is a very typical faded condition. Usually US cuts have a zipper fly, but this pair was forced to be converted to a button fly, and a few buttons were initially missing, but have been repaired with actual OD buttons from our inventory. There are signs of wear, especially in the inseam and near the buttocks pockets. The inseam in particular is heavily worn and has been repaired several times, but there are still some tears. The entire garment can be repaired by applying fabric from the reverse side and you will still be able to enjoy it. The large size Tiger Stripe itself is rare, so despite the damage, it can still be enjoyed. The fabric was manufactured over 50 years ago, so we think the key to enjoying it for a long time is to enjoy it carefully when you wear it. Because it is a used item, returns are not possible. Please understand.

Size (stamp): US-M

Size (flat): Waist 47cm Hip 57cm Inseam 76cm

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