Real Silver Tiger Stripe Asian Cut Jacket Faded Scratches

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Introducing the real Silver Tiger Stripe. This is the same pattern as what collectors refer to as TDS or Tadpole.

This shirt features a hidden button chest pocket, which is not found on the US cut, but is present only on the Asian cut, and is also found on the Gold Tiger and Classic patterns. We do not know the details of why this was adopted to avoid snagging on the chest straps and other parts. The jacket is generally faded, especially on the back, which has faded to white. The color of the stripe pattern is still present, but the dyed areas seem to have faded. Unfortunately, there is one hole or tear on the back of the jacket that goes all the way through to the back. Other than that, there is no major damage and the item is still in good condition to be enjoyed. There is a size stamp, A-S, which is almost faded but readable. We estimate that this item was manufactured around the middle of the war among the Silver Tiger items. This is a used item and cannot be returned. Please understand.

Size: A-S

Size (flat): Shoulder width 43cm Body width 45cm Length 62cm Sleeve length 52cm

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