Original Silver Tiger Tiger Stripe Asian Cut Pants, faded, used.

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Introducing a very beautiful silver tiger stripe. Some collectors call it "Tadpole". This name is derived from "TIGER PATTERNS" written by SGT Johson, but we do not use this name because SGT Johson forbids the use of this name in his writings.

It is called "Silver Tiger" because it fades to white. It is a common pattern among tiger stripes, and many examples of its use can be seen in photographs. Among the silvers, there are individual differences in the way the black color fades, and this lot is considered to be an individual with the black color remaining as it is without discoloration. As the name suggests, the pants we are proposing this time have overall faded to white, and have a beauty that is worthy of being called silver. The fabric is heavyweight and durable, but please be careful of the inseam and other areas that rub against the fabric when wearing. The pants are already in used condition and have been in use for more than 50 years, so I think it is one step to enjoy them delicately and to make them last longer. One of the characteristics of Asian Cut pants is the lack of left and right hand pockets. One of the characteristics of the Asian Cut is the absence of left and right hand pockets, and this piece has no left or right hand pockets as well. There are two pockets on the buttocks. The repair is on the hem, although it is not visible. Some pants have straps attached to the hem as well, but these pants do not have them. These pants do not have them.

They are used and cannot be returned. Please understand.

Size: No stamp

Measurements (flat): Waist 37cm, Hips 46cm, Inseam 72cm

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