Real Tiger Stripe Shirt Gold Tiger Derivative Pattern Embroidered Used

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Introducing a real shirt with a derivative pattern of the Gold Tiger pattern. It is also referred to by collectors as ADD. The overall color is faded and looks white instead of yellow. The left pocket has a patch that has been removed, but it is not noticeable. US Navy and COX are directly embroidered on the left and right pockets. The buttons are almost the same as those used on the Gold Tiger, but they are a little thicker and seem to be less molded. There is a size stamp, which is difficult to read, but it reads "A-L". The cut is a hidden button type like Gold Tiger's Asian cut, and there are no bandage pockets on the arms. As for the size, it is small but can be worn by smaller builds. Although the size does not correspond, we also currently have in stock a pair of almost unused pants of the same pattern. Please take a look if you like. Because it is a used item, returns are not possible. Please understand.

Size: A-L

Size (flat): Shoulder width 45cm Body width 50cm Length 62cm Sleeve length 52cm

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