Real Tiger Stripe Pants Gold Tiger Derivative Pattern Almost unused

This item is temporary out of stock

This is a derivative of the Tiger Stripe pattern, which is similar in pattern to the Gold Tiger Stripe. It is also called ADD or Advisor Type Dense by collectors. The colors are similar to the Gold Tiger in some respects, but there are some details that differ. Also, this pattern has not been shown in US cuts or large cuts that were produced in small or non-existent numbers.

These pants are in good condition, almost unused, and the color remains beautifully intact. However, the size is very small and suitable for very petite people or women. These pants are durable and can still be used for many years to come. This is a rare item as a pattern, so it is suitable as a collection item. The item is close to unused, but will be considered used. Please note that returns are not accepted.

Size: No stamp

Size (flat): Waist 35cm Hip 39cm Inseam 67cm

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