Real Tiger Stripe ARVN Classic Pattern Rare in good condition Gold Tiger Variation

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A very rare pattern of actual tiger stripes has just arrived. The pattern is almost identical to the Gold Tiger, but the coloring is completely different. The color fades to a silver tiger stripe. This pattern is also known to collectors as "ARVN Classic" and has been used by the ARVN Infantry, BDQ,MF etc. The pattern is in very good condition with no noticeable holes. It is in very good condition, and although there are some noticeable holes, it has a very nice faded look to it and is appropriately dignified. The overall color is dark, with the black stripes dark and very colorful. The green is also dark greenish, and the brown is slightly lighter. The pockets are Asian cut with a top lid, as seen in the gold tiger stripes. Although there are some signs of use, it is in good enough condition to be worn. The price is based on the number of pieces in existence and their condition. The size is thin and the "A-L" stamp remains on the top of the back. This is a rare gem that could become a shining presence in your collection.
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Size: A-L(Stamped)

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