Real French Army Dug Hunter Jacket, Indochina War

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This is an actual combat uniform made of Dug Hunter fabric, used by the French Army in the Indochina War.

Like the U.S. Army, it is reversible for operation. The buttons are urea buttons and the reverse side has buttons in shades that match the camouflage. There is an overall fading of the color, similar to the WWII U.S. military frogskins, with an overall impression of whitening. The fabric is made of cotton. The fabric used is thicker and a little stiff, similar to hanpu. It has some signs of use, but is still in wearable condition. Because it is a used item, returns are not possible. Please understand.

Size (measurements on a flat surface)

Shoulder width 61cm Body width 70cm Length 72cm Sleeve length 60cm

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