Original Heavyweight fabric Tiger Stripe pants, used, no pockets.

This item is temporary out of stock

This is a release from our store material. This is a tiger stripe made of heavyweight fabric.

This pattern is sometimes called late war heavyweight. The pattern is similar to the Gold Tiger, but the details are different. The fabric is thicker and the print is considered relatively shallow as the print does not show through to the back. Unfortunately, all pockets have been removed and nothing remains. Although the thinner Late War-type Tigers are popular and well-known, this is a thicker lot. There is a background that in the later stages of the VN war, Tiger Stripes production bases were moved from Japan to Taiwan or South Korea. Although it is not known exactly, it is probably safe to say that this piece is from that period. The print is very beautiful and the fabric is soft and comfortable. Please note that these pants are used and cannot be returned. Please understand that these pants are used and cannot be returned.

Size: A-M (with stamp)

Measurements (flat): Waist 37cm, Hip 43.5cm, Inseam 71cm

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