Original South Vietnam Field Military Police Cloud Camouflage Pattern Top and Bottom Set

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This is a set of top and bottom camouflage uniforms of the military police of the Republic of South Vietnam, which existed during the Vietnam War. It is called "Cloud Pattern", and is a camouflage pattern unique to field military police and worn by CIA field agents and others. It is a camouflage pattern worn by CIA field agents.
The color of the pants is a little darker in the photo, but in reality, the color is faded throughout. However, the camouflage pattern is not at a level where it cannot be seen, but it is still there to the extent that it does not look out of place. The overall condition of the garment is dotted with signs of use and deterioration such as rust.
Because it is camouflage clothing that was originally used in combat and actually worn, there are many scratches and other defects that cannot be shown in the photos. There are many scratches that cannot be shown in the photos. Although the camouflage condition of the jacket and pants match each other, they are a top and bottom set. We do not know if the jacket actually belonged to the person who wore it. There are repair marks on the inside of the jacket as if the size had been adjusted. There are repair marks on the back of the collar. The patches are subdued patches and name tapes, and they were sewn by hand, not by machine. There are white threads and stitches similar to those on the name tape. The size is considered to be a Japanese XS size or smaller, close to a women's size. The pants are no longer sized similar to children's clothing. There is a missing button on the front of the pants.

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