Real Okinawa Tiger Tiger Stripe US Cut Pants Early Tiger in good condition

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We are pleased to present a pair of real Okinawa Tiger Pants, US cut.

This is a relatively early lot of the same pattern known to collectors as John Wayne or JWD. This size tag may come undone after washing or passing through water, but since it has been folded twice, it has not come undone. The size is sewn onto the belt loop on the front, which is one of the features of early Tiger models. The fabric has faded, but not so much that the color is completely imperceptible, and it seems to have been worn infrequently, so it remains in beautiful condition. The pants have a zipper fly and use the distinctive HAMA zipper made in Higashi Osaka, Japan. There are many variations of the Okinawan Tiger, and considering the finish of the buttonhole sewing and chain stitching on the lining compared to the relatively later ones with their characteristic bright green color, we assume that this lot was probably sewn and manufactured in mainland Japan, not Okinawa, among the Japanese-made Tiger stripes. We think it is safe to say that this lot was manufactured in the early 1960s, around 1963-1964. These are rare US cut pants, so we can say that they are rare both as a collection item and as a vintage garment. If you have been looking for them, how about this opportunity? We are also selling a jacket (almost unused) of the same fabric and lot at the same time. Because it is a vintage item, it will be considered a used item. Please note that returns are not accepted.

Size (tag): US-S

Size (flat): Waist 39cm Hip 53cm Inseam 64cm

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