Real Okinawa Tiger JWD Tiger Stripe Pants Used

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This is an introduction to the actual Tiger Stripe pants, known to collectors as the Okinawa Tiger, or John Wayne, or JWD. They were used for a time, and are a rare example with bright green buttons and large cargo pockets. The color is bright green and very beautiful color. This pattern is classified as late in the Okinawa Tiger's history. The Okinawa Tiger has many cuts, and these pants also have a distinctive cut. There are no hand pockets, one lidless pocket on the buttocks, and one large cargo pocket with a single button. It is unclear how this cut was manufactured for operation. It is signed near the right waist with the signature of a former USMC soldier who wore it. Unfortunately, there is a tear on the right inseam near the inner thigh, but other than that, it is in good condition and has minimal fading, so you can enjoy the beautiful color and cut. One repair is needed, but it is still in good condition to enjoy.No size stamp. Button fly. This is a used item and cannot be returned. Please understand.

Size (flat): waist 36cm hip 49cm inseam 65cm

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