Real Okinawa Tiger JWD Boonie hat, about size 60-61, Faded.

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This item is from our archives. This is an real boonie hat in the Tiger Stripe pattern, also known as Okinawa Tiger, John Wayne, or JWD by collectors.

What makes it very rare is that it is a size 60-61, which can be worn by modern-day wearers. The hat has yellowish discoloration and fading due to sun exposure. The yellow fading makes it look like a gold tiger, but the pattern is different, so it is not gold, but an Okinawan Tiger boonie hat. It is a common CISO cut. On the back is a woven size tag made in Japan in red letters on a white background, and it says "M". The size tag is not M=60, but this hat is bigger than the original one. Please be careful when handling the size tag as it will come apart after washing or passing through water. The overall condition of the item is very valuable, and if you are looking for a boonie that you can wear, please do not miss it. The item was actually used, so there is a sense of use, but it is still in a condition that you can enjoy. It is a used item and cannot be returned. Please understand.

Size: about 60-61 (large)

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