Real Okinawa Tiger US cut jacket, faded, white impression, repaired.

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Introducing an Okinawan Tiger Stripe Jacket from around the middle of the Vietnam War. The original color is estimated to be an Okinawan Tiger pattern with bright green hues. It is strongly faded and has overall faded to white. Some of the color has faded in a way that looks as if it has been sunburned or exposed to some kind of chemical. The back of the garment has been repaired, usually there are no joints on the back, but this has been repaired around the left side of the center of the garment. The pattern suggests that the back has been repaired by cutting and pinching the area in question. There is a size stamp "US-", but I am not sure about the rest. Based on the overall size, I would guess that it is a US-S or US-M. The color has faded very strongly, so this item is not suitable for those who want an item that retains its color. There are no missing buttons. It is a used item and cannot be returned. Please understand.

Size: US- (unknown beyond this)

Size (flat): Shoulder width 46cm Body width 50cm Length 65cm Sleeve length 55cm

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