Real 1967 3rd Model Poplin Jungle Fatigue USAF Tailored

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Among the later cuttings, this is an introduction of the actual 3rd Model Jungle Fatigue, in which a particularly rare poplin cotton fabric is specified. It is generally referred to as non-rip or non-ripstop. This item has a few other notable points: it is a 1967 lot, and has the custom short sleeves characteristic of U.S. Air Force soldiers. The patches were all first applied, and the waist is tailored with a tailor to give it a beautiful form. This is a highly aesthetically pleasing, Air Force custom. The chest pocket is stained with pen stains to the extent that it shows that a pen has been inserted and removed many times. Although the color has faded, it has a different feel compared to the Army and USMC releases. The edges are white and faded in many places, indicating that the item has been in storage for some time. The name tape, branch tape, and NCO rank insignia are all locally made and unique Vietnam War patches are sewn on. Because it is a used item, returns are not possible. Please understand.


Size (flat): Shoulder width 46cm, body width 58cm, waist 41cm, length 75cm, sleeve length 20.5cm

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