Real 1969 Late Model Jungle Fatigue 4th Ripstop with patch (retrofitted)

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This is a real 4th Jungle Fatigue (late model), ripstop fabric.

Overall, there is a sense of use and fading. There are white marks on the buttons and edges.

There is probably a U.S. cleaning tag left on the fabric, and since it has been complemented for a long time after cleaning, the buttons and other protruding parts have been pressed, leaving marks on the fabric. There are no missing buttons, but there are repair marks on the buttons of the lower right pocket. Patches and other items are attached, but there is a mixture of first-applied and restored items, and the patches are also a mixture of replicas and actual items. There are also a great many credentials and other items. Some have been hand stitched. It is in good condition for use, but can still be worn. It is a used item and cannot be returned. Please understand.

Size (flat): shoulder width 47cm body width 60cm length 77cm sleeve length 59cm

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