Real 2nd Model Jungle Fatigue Jacket, stains, patch marks, L-R size, used, A

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This is an real 2nd Model Jungle Fatigue jacket. It has some stains, patch marks, etc. and has faded quite a bit. The size is Large-Regular, which is a large best size. It has a strong sense of use, and the color has faded considerably. Some patches seem to have been sewn on several times after being attached, and there are some areas where the marks have been doubled. The two lower pockets have either been reattached or repaired, as different threads were used. The left and right side also show signs of repair, so the hem width has been slightly customized. The condition is not good, but the price reflects this. If you are looking for a pair, how about this opportunity? This is a used item, so returns are not possible. Please understand.


Size (flat): Shoulder width 51cm Body width 62cm Length 76cm Sleeve length 58cm

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