Real 3rd Model Jungle Fatigue S-L Damaged and used.

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This is an introduction of an actual Jungle Fatigue of the 3rd model. unlike the 4th model, it is made of poplin fabric. it is a type manufactured for a certain period of time between the 2nd and 4th models, and is relatively rare. Overall, there is a strong sense of use, and there is a hole on the back. There are holes on the back, and the overall color is faded. There is also a hole in the collar. It is also stained and needs to be cleaned. No buttons are missing. This item is intended to be repaired and cleaned, but as the 3rd model is a rare item, we think it is a good item for you to enjoy with your hands. Because it is a used item, it cannot be returned. Please understand that this is a used item and cannot be returned.


Size (flat): Shoulder width 44cm Body width 56cm Length 80cm Sleeve length 61cm

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