Real 4th Model Jungle Fatigue Pants, X-Large size, used, scratches.

This item is temporary out of stock

These are real 4th Model Jungle Fatigue Pants. Size is the very rare X-Large Regular. It is a very rare size and very large. If you are looking for them, please don't miss this opportunity! You can wear them in either the correct size or a larger size. There is no drawcord as the hems have been raised. There are numerous white lines on the crotch. We assume this is fading from wear. There is one hole. The overall color has faded, especially on the knees and buttocks, where it is most likely to wear out. Zipper fly. Please note that this is a used item and cannot be returned. Please understand.

Size: X-Large Regular

Size (flat): Waist 56 cm, Hip 68 cm, Inseam 70 cm

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