Real TO79 Tiger Stripe Boonie Hat size 58-59 large, unused.

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Released from our archives, this is an real boonie hat in the Tiger Stripe pattern with TO79 stamped on it. The item remains in unused condition and shows no signs of use. The TO79 pattern is the same as the TDD or Tadpole Dense pattern that collectors refer to as TDD or Tadpole Dense, which is a very similar or identical fabric to the Tiger Stripe pattern that was manufactured around 1970, stamped TO78. This boonie hat was probably manufactured in Taiwan or Okinawa. The sewing techniques and materials used suggest that the hat was made in Okinawa, but without correct information, we can only speculate. Shirts and pants made of the same fabric are also said to have been made in Taiwan.

This item is a 58-59 size boonie hat that can be worn by modern people and remains unused. It is one of the many items that came from a former Special Forces troop. It has a standard CISO cut and the brim is not wired. It is characterized by the use of thick black thread. The condition is such that you can still enjoy it as it has very little signs of use. Although it is an unused item, we will treat it as a used item since it is nearly 50 years old. Please note that we do not accept returns.

Stamp: A-L

Size: about 58-59

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