Real VNMC pattern tiger stripe jacket, faded and stained.

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This jacket has a tiger stripe pattern, commonly known as the VNMC 2nd pattern or Sea Wave. As the name implies, it is to the Tiger pattern, which is known for being worn primarily by the South Vietnamese Marine Corps. Most of them were manufactured with thin poplin fabric and it is assumed that the sewing was done in South Vietnam, but this Tiger is made of cotton twill and the fabric is thicker. Also, based on the stamp information on the VNMC pattern pants that are being exhibited at the same time, we can guess that they are probably VNMC pattern tiger stripes made in Korea. whether they were procured for the VNMC or for CIDG or Special Forces soldiers is unknown, but since they have DAJB stamps, the procurement budget was It may have been procured by CISO or APA, etc. It is a very mysterious piece and a rare item.

The shirt is very used, and there are three repair marks where a thin late war pattern fabric was used. It also has some discoloration due to sunburn and other factors, so it is not in good condition. The chest pocket is rare, and a hidden button type is used. This is the same type of cutting seen in the Silver Tiger and Classic patterns. The size stamp is gone and there are no other stamp marks. The fabric matches the VNMC pattern pants that are also on display, so it is recommended to keep the top and bottom as a collection. The back of the garment has faded and there are areas where the color has turned white or changed. Unfortunately, the bottom front button is missing. There are also red stains and orange holes. This is a very rare Tiger, so how about this opportunity? Because it is a used item, returns are not possible. Please understand.

Size (flat): Shoulder width 40cm Body width 46cm Length 62cm Sleeve length 53cm

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