Real Zig Zag Pattern Tiger Stripe Utility Cap in good condition

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This is a real Zig Zag pattern tiger stripe cap. The Zig Zag pattern is one of the earliest Tiger Stripe patterns, and it has been confirmed that many tailored caps were produced near Camp Hansen in Okinawa, Japan. The Zig Zag hat is also a USMC hat. This hat is also a USMC utility cap, so it was probably tailored in Kinmu-cho, Okinawa. It has a tag on it, but it is unreadable. It is probably a size tag, and we assume that it was a red-lettered tag on a white background used for Japanese-made lots. The hat was made by a suit tailor at that time, and the way of making hats was unique, so we think it is difficult to guess that this is a mass-produced item. There is no fading overall, but there is discoloration due to sunburn. The Zig Zag pattern is one of many locally made products that are not factory made. The item is used and cannot be returned. Please understand.

Size: 56-57 approx.

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