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Notes on purchasing from overseas by "bank transfer"

If you are purchasing from overseas and wish to purchase by "bank transfer", please contact us using the Inquiry Form instead of using the cart button above, and let us know the name of the product you wish to purchase and that you wish to purchase by bank transfer. For domestic purchases, the "bank transfer" option will be displayed if you proceed from the cart button above.


Due to the circumstances at our sewing factory, we will not be able to ship the L-size boonie hat for orders received from today until late June or later. We will inform you of the arrival date separately. In some cases, it may take a little longer. In such cases, we will contact the person who placed the order separately. If the customer wishes to cancel the order due to the delivery date, the order will be refunded without any charge. Size M and S boonies will be shipped as usual from the end of May in the order in which they are ordered.

This is a precise reproduction of the Gold Tiger Stripe said to have been manufactured from 1966 to 1969. All the fabrics and sewing processes used for the reissue have been analyzed and reproduced in Japan, just as they were made in those days. This is the first precision reproduction by MILITARIA 1911.

This is a reproduction of a common cut manufactured by the CISO (Counterinsurgency Support Office), which existed in Okinawa at the time. The same fabric used for the jacket and trousers is used, and the jacket and trousers are manufactured in Okinawa, where the CISO existed at that time, including the reproduction of the historical background. The brim length is 6.5mm, which is not too long. A shape-memory wire, which was used by some individuals at that time, is placed at the end of the brim. Therefore, you can wear it in any shape you like. The size tag in red letters on a white background, which was used for some Okinawa-made products at that time, is also reproduced. Please enjoy the MADE IN OKINAWA boonie hat revived in the modern age. The texture of the fabric and the condition of the stitching have been reproduced as much as possible from the original, making this the ultimate reissue.

Our fabrics fade and gradually turn yellow like the originals. You will not notice it right away, but it will age with repeated use, washing, and exposure to the sun. The fabric will change with age, but this is not a product defect. We inspect our products, but in the unlikely event that a product is defective, we will replace it with an equivalent product or refund your money after we confirm the defect.




*Our cotton fabric will shrink. -1% in width and -6% in length. After washing, the cotton fabric may feel tight when worn, but it will stretch with wear.

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