Real 1963 1st Model Jungle Fatigue Pants with leg ties, used.

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Introducing the 1963 1st Model Jungle Fatigue Pants. Inside the cargo pockets are the 1st Model's signature leg ties, also found on WWII jump pants, which hold the items in the cargo pockets in place so that they do not move inside the pockets as you walk or run. After these 1st model pants, the leg ties are gone. Overall, the pants have faded and show signs of use. There is discoloration due to sunburn and stains, especially in the center of the pants, and stains on the back, mainly on the buttocks. There are other stains scattered throughout. There are no missing buttons or major noticeable scratches, but there is a repair near the back buttocks. The size tag is unreadable. The contract number and instruction label are readable. The 1st model is hard to find in the market nowadays, so please don't miss this chance to buy one. Please do not miss this opportunity. Please understand.

Size (flat): waist 40cm hip 55cm inseam 75cm

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