Real 1964 stamped VNMC 2nd pattern tiger stripe pants, rare, scratched.

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The background of the birth of the tiger stripe is deeply influenced by the lizard camouflage pattern used by the French Army in the Indochina War. Among them, the camouflage developed by the South Vietnamese Marine Corps in the late 1950s and early 1960s is now considered the originator of the Tiger Stripe, which has since given birth to many derivatives. These pants are considered to be the 2nd pattern of the VNMC (South Vietnamese Marine Corps), and were issued to the South Vietnamese Marine Corps. The unique dark color, light brown color, and stripe pattern similar to the later Tiger Stripe, etc., are common or similar to the Japanese-made Tiger Stripe worn by CIDG soldiers, which can be clearly seen. Overall, there is a sense of use and fading. The fabric is thin and somewhat stiff, and there are some minor scuffs and scratches. As a large point, there is a large hole near the waist button. Other than that, there are no major damages. These pants are very rare, and the rarity level will inevitably increase compared to the civilian pants uploaded at the same time, but they do not come around very often, so if you are looking for them, do not miss them. The VNMC Tiger Stripe has a number of classifications, and this pattern is what some books refer to as the 1st model, and some research shows that it was a 1964 lot. In the early 1960s, it is assumed that minor changes were made in the South Vietnamese Marine Corps due to the fact that it was early in the Vietnam War and the military intervention of the U.S. Army was limited. It is assumed that minor changes were made in the South Vietnamese Marine Corps. The famous VNMC tiger stripes are the brightly colored "sea wave" tiger stripes, but these pants are an earlier pattern. In that sense, this is a very rare item. These pants are used, so they are non-returnable. Please understand.

Size: Waist 40cm, Inseam 30cm, Hip 55cm, Inseam 75cm

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