Real 1968 4th Model USAF Jungle Fatigue, short sleeve custom & width custom used

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This is an real Jungle Fatigue in 4th Model Ripstop fabric from a 1968 contract. It has USAF rank insignia, name, and branching tape, all of which were first applied. The short sleeves are custom made and have the general customization seen on USAF fatigues of the time. The back has been custom tailored to fit snugly. Please check your size as it is different from the government size. The size tag and contract tag remain, and the size is Small-Regular, but the size is smaller for the above reasons. The rank insignia is for a non-commissioned officer, so we can assume that it was worn by a soldier in the ground service unit. The overall color is faded, and the entire piece is somewhat shiny and hard due to being stored in a glued condition. It is still in wearable condition with some maintenance. The item is for those who like Used because of the fading. It is a used item and cannot be returned. Please understand.

Size: Small-Regular (with size custom)

Size (flat): Shoulder width 46cm Body width 55cm Length 78cm Sleeve length 23cm Waist (around the waist) 49cm

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