Real 2nd Model Jungle Fatigue Jacket, good condition, used.

Only 1 left in stock!

This is an real 2nd model Jungle Fatigue Jacket that is becoming rare. The US ARMY branch tape remains on the chest, but other patches have been removed. The jacket was probably worn by a MACV non-commissioned officer, as can be inferred from the marks on the jacket. It is in Used condition with overall fading, stains, and dullness. There are no major scratches or missing buttons. The 2nd model has been improved from the 1st model and has hidden buttons, which is a major feature of the 2nd model. Compared to the 1st model, the 2nd model is more similar to the later Fatigue models, but the buttons are certainly easier to interfere with when there are many straps, etc. The 2nd model is more practical for everyday use. I think it would be perfect for those looking for an item that is a little different. I think the lot is estimated to be around 1965. Because it is a used item, it cannot be returned. Please understand.

Size (flat): shoulder width 44cm body width 52cm length 75cm sleeve length 57cm

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