Real Classic Pattern Tiger Stripe Pants, used with alterations.

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Introducing real pants in the Tiger Stripe pattern, which was introduced at the same time as the Gold Tiger and is known for its similarity in pattern. This is the same pattern that is also known as the Classic Pattern or ADD. The size is A-M. Larger size US cuts exist for other patterns, but have not been confirmed for this pattern. It is a generic Asian cut with no pockets on the hand. The overall condition is in good condition with little fading and little wear, but the waist in the back has been extended by adding fabric. The inseam is also shorter than other pieces. It is believed that this has been modified according to personal preference. These pants are from a different lot with a different pattern on the front and back. These pants are in very good condition with very little wear, so you can still enjoy these pants. They are used and cannot be returned. Please understand.

Size: A-M

Size (flat): waist 40cm hip 51cm inseam 64cm

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