Real Gold Tiger Stripe Asian Cut Pants Size A-L Used

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Introducing real Asian cut gold tiger stripe pants. This is a release from our archival stock. Gold Tiger's Asian cut is famous for being stamped A-L, and these are about the same size as A-L, although the stamp is almost gone. There are no pockets on the hands, but cargo pockets on the left and right sides, a bandage pocket below that, and two pockets on the buttocks. The hems usually have drawcords, but they do not and have probably been hemmed. The overall color is faded and is a beautiful golden color, or yellow, to the extent that you can tell it is called Gold Tiger. It is stained in places. The inseam and the base of the crotch have been repaired with green material, perhaps once avoided. The bottom pocket on the left side of the buttocks has been repaired in the same way. There are some red stains scattered around. Overall condition is not good, but these are valuable gold tiger pants. The pants are still in good condition and can be enjoyed. They are used and cannot be returned. Please understand that they are used and cannot be returned.

Size (flat): waist 39cm hip 51cm inseam 72cm

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