Real Gold Tiger Stripe Pants A-L in good condition Asian Cut

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These are real pants with gold tiger stripes said to have appeared around 1968-1969, the same pattern also known as ADS or Advisor Spurs, with A-L stamp, Asian cut, no pockets on the hands, and with the same coloring as the original. Overall, they are in good condition and the color remains a strong factory brown. It shows minimal signs of use, but it feels like it has been worn enough to show that it has actually been worn. There are no missing buttons, no noticeable repairs, and no stains. The chain stitching is frayed in the area from the inseam to the crotch, and there is a spot where the lock has been removed. Repair is necessary if you want to wear them. These are rare pants in very good condition. Gold Tiger was used by NAVY SEAL, RECONDO school, CIDG soldiers, etc. There are multiple types. These pants are the commonly known Gold Tiger pattern, which is more yellow when faded with an overall brown color. If you are looking for one, don't miss out. These are used items and cannot be returned. Please understand.

Size: A-L

Size (flat): Waist 39 cm, Hip 50 cm, Inseam 75 cm

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