Real Late War lightweight tiger stripe pants, faded, used.

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These tiger stripe pants are classified as lightweight among the late war patterns that have appeared since the late 1960s. They are presumed to have been made in Korea. The overall color is faded, and the fading differs from the front to the back. Perhaps the stronger fading on the back is sunburn. The fabric is very thin and comfortable but fragile. The buttons have been repaired with similar buttons on the cargo pockets and buttocks pockets. There are no significant stains or tears. The early Tiger Stripe was characterized by its heavy fabric, but the lighter Tiger Stripe of the latter half of the century is also a popular item. If you are looking for one, how about this opportunity? Because it is a used item, returns are not possible. Please understand.

Size (flat): waist 42cm hip 53cm inseam 71cm

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