Real Late War Pattern Tiger Stripe Pants A-M Almost Unused Light Weight

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This is a real pair of tiger stripe pants, known as the Late War pattern, as it was used in the late 1960s. The pattern is said to have been made in Korea. It can be said to be almost unused with little signs of use. The cut is different from the earlier Asian cut, which is unique to the Late War pattern with pockets on the hands and no bandage pockets on the legs. It has a button fly. Unlike the earlier Tiger Stripe pattern, this pattern is made of thin cotton fabric, which makes it relatively easy to tear. Some used pants may have repair marks, but these pants are almost unused, so there are no tears or repairs. There are no missing buttons. The size is stamped A-M. These pants will be treated as used and are non-returnable. Please understand.

Size: A-M

Size (flat): Waist 39cm Hips 50cm Inseam 74cm

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