Real Vietnam War Tour Jacket DA-NANG 67-68 85th MAIN CO QYNOV Used

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This is a tour jacket of a soldier from the U.S. Army's Fourth Army, assigned to DA-NANG. The Fourth Army was also famous for running "Tigerland," a training camp for soldiers heading to Vietnam. This soldier was deployed in 1967-1968, so it can be said that the jacket was worn by a soldier with an interesting background. The Fourth Army patch is sewn on the chest, but it appears to have been added later. It can be seen from the back that it was hand-stitched on later. The embroidery is general in nature, including the unit's affiliation, posting, a map of Vietnam, the words VIET NAM, and the tour period. The Tiger embroidery on the surface is very tasteful and the added division patch is a very interesting gem. Unfortunately, the zipper is damaged and partially missing. Therefore, the front cannot be closed. The lining is white and there are no embroidery penetrations, so we assume it is a tailored piece. There is a hole under the right armpit. The overall color is faded and the black is slightly brown. There is a sense of wear. Because it is a used item, returns are not possible. Please understand.

Size (flat):

Shoulder width 44 cm, body width 53 cm, length 52 cm, sleeve length 52 cm

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