About us

MILITARIA 1911 is an online-only store that focuses on combat uniforms, combat caps, and equipment of the U.S. military and Western nations, primarily from the Vietnam War to the present day. We specialize above all in camouflage clothing.

We not only sell original clothing, but also reproduce precise of vintage garments. In particular, Tiger Stripe used in the Vietnam War are our most focused products. We sell not only vintage originals, but also precisely reprinted reproductions made in Japan, and produce and sell novelty clothing that recreates those days. Please feel free to contact us if you have any product requests.


We deal in camouflage combat clothing and other garments designed for fighting. However, we are firmly against "war". We do not operate for the purpose of supporting or promoting war. We offer our condolences to all the generals and civilians who lost their lives in the war.

Make Fun, Not War.