U.S. Army M65 Field Jacket Liner, 1988, partially damaged.

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This OD liner was used on the U.S. Army's M65 field jacket.

Made in 1988. There is a partial tear in the lining part. The polyester cotton inside can be seen through the hole. This item is very warm and has become so popular recently that you can see people wearing this liner. There is a front button, so it can be worn by itself. The sides are open, so it is suitable for going out to nearby places. Of course, you can definitely wear it with an M65 field jacket. Please note that different sizes may have different button positions, etc. If you can adjust it by yourself, you can wear it. Because it is a used item, returns are not possible. Please understand.


Measurements (flat): Shoulder width 52cm Body width 65cm Sleeve length 55cm Length 73cm

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