British Army Thermal Reversible Trousers Olive/Sand Warm Wear Used

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These are thermal reversible trousers for the British Army for cold weather. They are reversible, and can be used in two different colors: olive for forests and urban areas, and sand for deserts. The texture is like the U.S. military's Level III, and the entire garment is as cozy as a down jacket. It is very lightweight and very useful for everyday use and outdoor use. It is made large because it is designed to be worn over pants or other clothing that you are already wearing.

This item will be useful in the coming season. Please take a look at the thermal jacket is also available at the same time, if you like. Probably PX goods, there is a tag MADE IN CHINA. The lot is marked as made in China, although the tag is attached because it was produced in China by a well-known British military contractor who ordered the British military to have a made in China tag. This is a used item and cannot be returned.


Measurements (flat): Waist 36 cm, Hip 65 cm, Inseam 76 cm

There is elastic in the waist. It stretches up to about 50cm at the maximum.

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