Original John Wayne Pattern Pants JWD Okinawa CISO Tiger Stripe

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Introducing original John Wayne pattern, nearly unused Asian Cut tiger stripe pants. They are very clean and in good condition, showing the original colors. There are some fading and slightly reddish white marks on the fabric due to sun exposure. The size is marked as S, but it is an Asian S, which is quite small. Therefore, I assume that no one could wear it at that time, and it remained in dead stock condition. There are no missing buttons and it is a very valuable item. Of course, the size can still be worn by petite people and for women. Why don't you enjoy the atmosphere of those days with these pants? Tiger stripes are susceptible to sunburn, so we recommend storing them in a dark place to keep them in their current condition. This item is subject to the return policy for actual Original items. If you are not satisfied with the item after you receive it, you may return it for a certain period of time. Please contact us for additional photos and questions about the condition before purchasing.

Size(flat): Waist 60cm(23.622 inch) Inseam Length 64cm(25.1969 inch)

Rise 27cm(10.6299inch) Hip 92cm(36.2205inch)

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