Replica U.S. Army WWII Airborne Soldier Jump Jacket Used

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This is a jump jacket worn by American paratroopers in World War II.

It is a very well made replica. Manufacturer unknown. The overall color has faded. The edges have faded to the point where they feel a little white, but it has a very nice look to it. This jacket was the original of the later jungle fatigues, so you can enjoy this jacket not only as a reproduction, but also as one of your everyday wear. Because the fabric is also specified thick cotton twill, we believe that it is an item that will be active in the fall and early winter. Please enjoy by all means.

Returns are not available because it is a used item. Please understand.

Size (measurements on a flat surface)

Shoulder width 52cm Body width 63cm Length 76cm Sleeve length 63cm

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