Replica Silver Tiger Stripe TDS Top and Bottom Set US-XL Size Used China made Replica

This item is temporary out of stock

We now have in stock a replica top and bottom set of Silver Tiger made in China. It resembles the popular Dragon pattern and colors.
In some places, there are areas that have faded and turned white. There is no major damage or tear, but it will be a used item with a sense of use, please check the condition in the photos.
Because the fabric is hard and firm, I think there is enough strength to be used at events, games, etc.. The size will be large. Because it is used goods, you can not return it. Please understand. Made in China.

Jacket size (measurements on a flat surface): shoulder width 54cm Body width 64cm Length 77cm Sleeve length 63cm Pants size (measurements on a flat surface): waist 48cm inseam 77cm

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