Replica Tiger Stripe Asian Cut Top and Bottom Set Low Cost made

サイズ:US-L Set
This item is temporary out of stock

We now have in stock low-cost Tiger Stripe replicas made in China. This page is for the top and bottom set. We also sell the top and bottom separately, so if you would like to purchase one or the other, please take a look there. The manufacturer is different from the popular Dragon. The pattern is Sea Wave, but there are a few errors, so it is a Tiger Stripe that can be enjoyed as a modification base or for casual games and everyday use rather than for reproduction. This is an Asian cut. The fabric is thin. The print is a darker shade of green, brown, and black, with the impression of a strong green when seen from a distance. If you wear it outside, you will feel the green more strongly than in the sample photo. Compared to the Dragon, the sewing may be a little loose in some areas. Some of the buttonholes are not fully opened, so you will need to make some adjustments. Also, the item may have been stored in a warehouse, so we recommend that you wash it before wearing. The Tiger Stripe can be easily enjoyed, so we think it is a good idea to sew on VNMC patches or patches of your choice. Please use it not only for the Vietnam War, but also as a base for your favorite military uniform. After this shipment, it is not possible to order. We sell only while stock lasts. Unused, stored goods. If the button is missing, etc., we will replace it with an equivalent item, and if it is out of stock, we will respond with a refund. Please understand that some of the sewing is not as good as it should be at a lower price. We have inspected, but in that case, we will correspond with the exchange with the equivalent, or even by refund because there may be scratches and holes in places rarely noticed. The return shipping costs are our responsibility. The following are the sizes of the items. Measurements are taken by placing the item flat. The sample photos are different from the size sold. Sold in US-L size.

Shoulder width 50cm Body width 61cm Length 77cm Sleeve length 62cm
Waist 51cm, Inseam 78cm

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