Replica Hong Kong Dragon Made Okinawa Tiger John Wayne (JWD) Boonie Hat

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The popular John Wayne Tiger (Okinawa Tiger, JWD) made by Hong Kong Dragon, released several years ago and out of factory stock for some time, is now available again. Our store offers shirts, pants, and boonie hats this time. Don't miss this opportunity!

This pattern has been around since the early days of tiger stripes, known by collectors as Okinawan Tiger, John Wayne, or John Wayne Dense (JWD). It is as versatile as the Silver Tiger, and its slightly lighter, almost warbler green color has a high camouflage effect. Tiger stripes are popular not only as a reproduction of the period, but also as an everyday item.

The boonie hat has a shape similar to the ARVN cut, with the brim facing slightly downward. The left and right sides of the brim have a strong core and are slightly stiff. The brim is 6 cm long, which allows for a wide range of customization, such as cutting the brim to a shorter length. Two sizes are available: US-M (58) and US-L (60). Please take into consideration that they will shrink slightly when washed. Among tiger stripes, this pattern has been around for a particularly long time, so it is very versatile.


US-M ・・・58


*This product is made in Hong Kong and China. Although all items are inspected prior to shipping, there are rare cases where the sewing is not perfect or the sewing is defective, which is a characteristic of being made overseas. Please feel free to contact us for exchanges as long as we have the item in stock.

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