Replica Hong Kong Dragon made M59 ERDL Top and Bottom Set Size L Only Outlet Item

This item is temporary out of stock

This is the M59 ERDL made by Dragon, which was sold at our store last year, but only the L size was found in a warehouse in the home country. This is an outlet item, but there is
no damage to the product, and we are only selling the US-L size set.

We are also selling boonie hats and berets made of the same fabric.
Please note that only the size L top and bottom sets are available.
The following is a reproduction of part of last year's product description.
We have only a few items left in stock. Thank you very much.
M59 ERDL leaf upper and lower set made by Dragon. Made of ripstop fabric.
This is a limited quantity item and we are not sure if we will be able to order more when this stock runs out.
The best feature above all is the reproduction of the fabric pattern. The pattern is so
well reproduced that you can't tell the difference even when compared to the real thing.

BDQ (South Vietnam Rangers), ARVN Airborne, and there are also examples of use for U.S. military advisors, so it can be used for a variety of applications.

Please take a look at them as well. We think it is more economical to purchase at the same time in terms of shipping costs.


*A-5 (US-L)
chest circumference 120cm, shoulder width 50cm, sleeve length 65cm, length 79cm
waist 96cm, inseam 113cm

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