Replica M59 ERDL. Airborne Advisor custom shirt & Pants pants set made by NCHS inc

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This set includes an M59 cut Airborne Advisor custom shirt and a pair of utility cut pants.
Both will be replicas using ERDL fabric made by NCHS inc.
The shirt has a zipper pocket, and I put my iPhone 12 in it, but it is just barely deep enough to fit.
It is large enough to fit in as a pocket. The chest pocket has a gusset, so it is a little larger than usual.
The front buttons are concealed and are custom made for airborne use. The pants are the cut of utility pants.
They are fitted with two-button cargo pockets like the Tiger Stripe. This is a reproduction of an airborne soldier's custom.Shirt and pants sizes are below. Both top and bottom are unused.
Shirt size: shoulder width 51.5cm, body width 60cm, sleeve length 64cm, length 77cm
Pants size: waist 44cm, inseam 82cm

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