Real 1967 non ripstop ERDL jungle fatigues jacket, faded, used.

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This is an real 1967 Poplin ERDL Jungle Fatigue jacket. The jacket has the characteristic puckered print seen in the early years. There is overall fading and no vibrant colors remain. It feels white overall. No buttons are missing. It is one of the most popular patterns of the ERDL, and has solid edges instead of the pale, blotchy prints of later prints, giving the impression of South Vietnam leaf camouflage, but the colors are unique to the U.S. military. This is a highly recommended piece of clothing. No size tag. It is still in good condition to be enjoyed. It is a used item and cannot be returned. Please understand.

Size (flat): shoulder width 47cm body width 62cm length 80cm sleeve length 61cm

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