Made by Original Fabric Replica U.S. Navy SEAL Team Rifleman Float Coat C

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This is a SEAL float coat, previously produced by NCHS inc and reissued using actual ERDL fabric. We have just received several of these coats for riflemen. The sizes are slightly different, so we are exhibiting each of them. Please check the photos as some of the fabrics have been substituted with Mitchell pattern fabrics. Since they are using original fabrics, there will be variations in condition and lot size. There are no noticeable scratches, but because it is a used fabric, it is a replica with an overall sense of use. By continuing to wear, the color will gradually fade. It is highly recommended as it will wear a realistic look and feel with use. By aging this replica, the label is attached to prevent it from being distributed as the original thing, and there are a few other differences. This item is suitable for those who are considering reproducing SEAL equipment in the future, or as a replacement for your collection. This item will be treated as a used item and cannot be returned. Please understand. Size (flat): shoulder width 54cm body width 66cm sleeve length 72cm Length 80cm

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