Tiger Stripe Long Brim Boonie Hat Replica Multiple Stock Used

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This is an old replica Tiger Stripe Booney Hat manufactured using the actual VNMC pattern fabric of ripstop fabric, which was introduced in the late Vietnam War. It will be a long brim boonie hat, similar to the U.S. Army cut. The air vent is the small one found on other Tiger boonies and comes with a strap made of the same fabric. The brim extends horizontally, giving this beautiful boonie a locally made feel. Although the fabric is from a later period, the use of the actual fabric is very attractive. It is still in long term storage from an older era, when the fabric was first discovered. The cool thing is that the lining is also made of tiger fabric.

Due to multiple stocks, the photo is only a sample of an individual item. Although the condition of the fabric is generally close, please understand that there are individual differences in the position of the pattern and the condition of the fabric used.

All will be treated as second-hand goods, so we can not be returned. Please understand.

Size: 60 only

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