Real USAF ACP ABU Jacket with patch A

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It will be an ACP (AIR FORCE CAMOFLAGE PATTERN) or ABU (AirmanBattle Uniform) jacket, one of the previous camouflage uniforms of the U.S. Air Force.It is an actual US Army Surplus. All patches are first time attached and the rank insignia of an Air Force petty officer is sewn on. It is in good but used condition. It is a sturdy garment and can still be worn. The pockets are all sewn on for unknown reasons and are unusable. acp is a digital pattern, but features tiger stripes throughout. The ACP is a digital pattern, but the features of the tiger stripe can be seen everywhere. This item is sold as U.S. military surplus used goods. Please note that returns are not accepted.

Size: 44S

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