Original U.S. Army 1st Infantry Division Utility Shirt, OG-107, 1970, patch retrofitted. Released

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Introducing a Original utility shirt, 1970 NAM war lot. It has the 1st Infantry Division subdued patch, branch tape, and name tape sewn on. There is no evidence of reattachment from the lining, but judging from the different threads and the fact that the rank insignia is not attached, I would guess that it was retrofitted. However, all of the patches are sewn with very good patches, so I think this is a bargain. The overall color is faded and there are black ink stains around the branch tape. There is one hole in the back. There are no tears or damages that would cause major problems when wearing it. All buttons remain as they were at the time. This is an Original, but is a used item because it will be treated as released goods. Please note that returns are not possible.

Size (flat): shoulder width 41.5cm Body width 54cm Length 68cm Sleeve length 62cm

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